The Jazzfarmers have surfaced from a beautiful quiet break and in the saddle for a marvelous 2023! We wish you and your loved ones a calm, curious and abundant year ahead.

We planned 2022 to be the year of the “proof of concept” – events, courses, visitors – with us trying this and trying that, as we spent the year settling into The Alchemy Studio and seeing what works best for us.

2023 is going to be the year of putting into practise what we learned last year. We will be working closely with our Friends of The Jazzfarm project members to bring you all sorts of reasons to visit. We are also coming out of the closet, slightly, with our Jazzfarm Social Club! This is the home of our secret shop and all sorts of yummy goodies and insider info. If you would like to join, please click HERE and follow the instructions. Membership costs R420 a year but if you reply to this mail we’ll send you a code for a year’s free membership.

We’re jacking up our social media too. Please follow us on Facebook, Instagram, TikTok and YouTube and you’ll be seeing a lot more of us on the airwaves from now on. @TheJazzfarm.


The Jazzfarm Rainbow Sweat Lodge

We will be pouring a lodge on Saturday 28 January at 4pm. Please email, booking is essential. All info on our website HERE.The next Sweat will only be in March as the Lodge has been booked for a private event in Feb. 

JourneyWork Microdosing Challenge

Members of our Friends of The Jazzfarm project, JourneyWork, will be hosting an online guided psilocybin micro dosing event, starting on 15 January. This series is called “Clear Mind” and we highly recommend this supportive structure that helps to get the most out of our fungi teachers. Please email Ryan on for more details and tell him you are from The Jazzfarm.