The Labyrinth

It had to start somewhere…..
Spring 2004

What started out as just another project for a disused tennis court on the plot, morphed into being a hobby and has now fully evolved into an obsession.

The Labyrinth is a special place to all who visit the Jazzfarm. A lot of time is spent tending it, adding to it, swapping things around and generally tweeking it.
It gives us a lot of pleasure to see the effect it has on everyone as they walk it!!


Winter 2006

The Labyrinth has become an important place to us for the calming effect it has on everyone, and the meditation of walking it slowly. Just about everyone that enters the Sweat Lodge, enters the Labyrinth to prepare for the evenings ceremony.
It is a great place to set your intentions and listen to yourself.

Aug 2005
The symbol is American Indian, (Papago Indians to be precise), in origin.
All over the Arizona and Nevada deserts are carved examples of it. Local weaving features it’s motif in both baskets and clothing. It’s called ‘The Man in the Maze’ and symbolises everyone’s journey through the twists and turns of birth life and death…..
Hopi basket work

For those of you that are interested, a pop up window of the full story of the Tohono O’Odham or Papago Indians of the Central Valley in Arizona and what this symbol means to them, go to

Summer 2008

I don’t suppose it will ever be finished. The rock collecting obsession is here to stay and there are still trees to plant…
Come and walk the labyrinth, and watch it evolve with us..

As you can imagine, there is a wealth of information on the internet about labyrinths, their history, locations, meanings and the fascination of the mathematics of it all. My personal favourite is

You can also find this and many more South African Labyrinths at